CHIPBOX® boosts turbo petrol engine power by up to 30% while reducing fuel consumption by 10%, with easy installation and smartphone control.


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CHIPBOX® Performance Chip is a programmable additional control unit designed for turbo petrol engines. It allows for improved power gains while ensuring full compliance with the engine’s specifications. By effectively managing fuel and turbine pressure, the CHIPBOX® can increase power by up to 30%.

In addition to increasing power, the CHIPBOX® also offers the benefit of reducing fuel consumption. Through optimized fuel injection and improved torque, drivers can engage higher gears earlier and minimize gear changes. This results in potential fuel savings of up to 10%.

Whether your vehicle is equipped with a petrol, diesel, LPG, methane, or hybrid engine, there is a specific CHIPBOX® available for your particular engine. Each chip tuning module is meticulously programmed to cater to the unique characteristics of individual engines.

If you opt for the CHIPBOX® CONNECT version, you can conveniently connect to the CHIPBOX® using your smartphone via Bluetooth. By downloading the Seletron App and accessing it, you can easily change the settings to select the driving style that suits your preferences.

Installing the CHIPBOX® is a straightforward process, and you can do it yourself using the provided kit. The kit includes a pre-programmed CHIPBOX® specifically tailored for your car, a quick installation harness, and an illustrated manual. Importantly, the installation does not require any modifications to the engine system.