About us

Established in 1994

Redefining the Automotive Experience for You

With its inception in 1994, PM Tuning has emerged as a trailblazer in the automotive industry. Our story began when a moment of frustration struck as we found ourselves stranded with a cracked rim during our commute. Witnessing the limited availability of quality automotive spares in Estonia, we set out on a mission to import exceptional parts from abroad.

From our modest origins, PM Tuning has grown into a distinguished provider of specialized automotive tuning accessories and parts. Our expertise extends across Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, and Belarus, as we continue to expand our footprint throughout the region.

At PM Tuning, we believe in the power of possibilities. This core belief permeates our company culture and drives us to excel in every facet of our operations. With close to two decades of experience, we have curated an extensive selection of tried and tested auto parts from esteemed manufacturers. Only the finest products earn our seal of approval, guaranteeing our valued customers unmatched quality and reliability.

Unleashing the Potential of Your Vehicle

We go beyond offering top-notch automotive parts, striving to elevate your driving experience to new heights. PM Tuning takes pride in providing a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you seek enhanced performance, striking aesthetics, or personalized modifications, our team of experts is poised to transform your vision into reality.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond automobiles alone. From SUVs, vans, motorcycles, and ATV’s to boats, yachts, and even property, PM Tuning’s expertise spans a diverse array of domains. Our highly skilled technicians excel in:

  • Wholesale retail of spare parts for all types of machinery.
  • Elevating your vehicle’s exterior and interior design with innovative lighting solutions.
  • Delivering cutting-edge audio and multimedia experiences, including home theatre setups.
  • Optimizing your vehicle’s transmission for enhanced performance and efficiency.
  • Offering an extensive range of performance accessories and mods, such as filters, exhaust systems, chip tuning, and dyno tuning.
  • Providing professional installation services for all modifications, ensuring precise execution and attention to detail.

Unrivaled Support and an Unparalleled Range

We understand the challenges of finding the perfect auto parts. At PM Tuning, our vast inventory caters to all your needs, constantly refreshed with new arrivals. Moreover, our extensive network of associate auto workshops and distributors across Estonia ensures easy access to our exceptional product line.

We are committed to delivering an outstanding tuning service that surpasses your expectations. For inquiries or further information about our comprehensive range of services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address provided below. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to assist you, guiding you through an extraordinary journey with PM Tuning.

Discover the PM Tuning difference today and redefine your automotive experience.

Together, let’s embark on an exhilarating adventure of innovation and personalization.


PM Tuning Team